Recent Acquisitions

Pearson’s PennantWe’ve had an amazing couple of weeks of donations with each item being even more interesting than the one before, but this one really caught our eyes as a piece of recent history. This is a sample of a flag that was proposed to represent Canada. The maple leaf flag, which is today considered such an emblem of Canada, is actually quite new, only having been adopted in 1965.

Prior to its adoption, there was great debate within the Canadian government as to what emblem would best represent the country in the replacement of the Canadian Red Ensign. Over 3000 design proposals for the new flag were received, with the maple leaf being by far the most commonly chosen symbol of our country. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson was a great fan of this version of the flag – so much so that it came to be known as “Pearson’s Pennant”, but it was ultimately George Stanley’s design inspired by the flag of the Royal Military College of Canada which was to prove the winner.