Maple Magic!

We invite you to spring at the museum this March Break! Maple syrup and maple sugar we incredibly important sweeteners for early settlers to Haliburton because the white and even brown sugars that are so commonly used today had to be imported from tropical climates which, with Victorian transportation, made them rather pricey. Maple products, by contrast, were fairly commonplace – in fact, in the Haliburton lumber camps, corn syrup was a much more coveted sweetener! That said, maple syrup is undoubtedly a labour of love as it takes 40 litres of sap to produce a mere litre of syrup! Every year we tap approximately 25 of our maple trees on the property and make syrup just as the settlers would have in huge metal sap kettle over an open fire. We’ll be open every day of March Break for you to check out the process (and taste the results!) as well as enjoying kids’ crafts, other tasty treats and fun contests. On the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of the break, we’ll also have other extra special kids’ programs – check out our event page for more details!