Happy International Museums Day!

Museums across the world are celebrating today, as it’s International Museums Day! The theme for this year’s celebrations is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition” and this couldn’t be more apt. The scope of what museums do in their communities has vastly expanded in recent years – no longer are museums simply seen as repositories of the past. At our museum, we partner with and host a large number of community groups – there’s always something going on at the museum! In this day and age, it’s vitally important that there are spaces where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Museums are also amazing place for people of all ages to learn, not just about history, but also skills that range knitting to beekeeping and genealogy research to campfire cooking. The benefits of arts, culture and heritage have been and continue to be, widely studied, and it’s been proven that visiting a museum or gallery can release feel-good hormones which can help with depression, anxiety, chronic pain and stress.

Museums are, of course, also keepers of our community history – a reminder of all those who came before us and all those who will be a part of our community in the years to come. We hope you’ll take some time this month to show some love for museums and the work that they do!