Celebrating the Victorian Way!

What the Dickens are you doing on December 21st? We invite you to come to the museum and join us for a special reading of that classic holiday tale of transformation and the holiday spirit(s): A Christmas Carol. Dickens wrote the novella in the lead-up to Christmas 1843 at a time when the interest in celebrating Christmas was starting to be rejuvenated by Queen Victoria and her young family, but its content was reputedly inspired by the plight of many families Dickens had encountered who had been touched by the Industrial Revolution in Britain. People of all ages were being forced to move to urban centres in search of employment and the work that they found often involved poor pay and long hours, even for children. In his depiction of the miser Scrooge’s enlightenment at the hands of a variety of spirits, Dickens hoped to inspire all his readers to take better care of their fellow man.


A Christmas Carol proved to be such a sensation that Dickens took it on the road and began public readings across Britain and further afield. He shortened and condensed the text to make it more suitable for a public presentation and it’s that script that we’ll draw from on the 21st. You can join in the reading or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the story. We’ll kick off the reading at 2:00pm. Holiday refreshments will be served and everyone is welcome – what better way could there be to spend the shortest day of the year than with a story that warms the heart? 🙂